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Hiring an Apprentice with a Disability

Smart Employment Solutions welcomes people of all abilities. More and more employers are interested in hiring an apprentice with a disability. 

Apprenticeships for People with a Disability

Did you know we have special apprenticeship programs for people living with a disability?

These programs offer a career pathway that provides qualifications, training, and employment as a whole package. The program also helps strengthen character in the workplace by building responsibility, time management skills, and developing work ethics. It leads to recognition of a person’s qualifications and skills, providing the basis for their future career.

We encourage people with a disability to apply for an apprenticeship through Smart Employment Solutions.

Other Apprenticeship Support

Smart Employment Solutions can assist employers to make modifications to the workplace in accommodating your new apprentice. You might need support with making modifications to vehicles or other equipment, depending on your new apprentice. You may need to update your bathroom facilities or car parking. We can support you in making changes.

Speak to the team at Smart Employment Solutions if you’d like to learn more.

Benefits of Hiring a Person with a Disability

We find most host companies who are partnering with Smart Employment Solutions are open to the idea of employing a person with a disability. We are dedicated to helping host partners find a way to accommodate people working with a disability in their company. The benefits are profound, for all involved.

Employing a person with a disability has benefits for all. In many cases, a person’s disability does not present any differentiation from a peer without a disability, when it comes to fulfilling their role. In fact, not only do people with a disability generally form strong connections with customers, they are reliable employees. People with a disability tend to stay in a job longer than other employees, take fewer sick days, and bring a range of skills, talents and abilities to your workplace.

Employing someone with a disability also ensures your workplace is representative of your community.

One cannot deny the fact that disability presents changes and challenges in one’s life. Apprenticeship programs not only provide an excellent platform to enrich the life of someone living with a disability but also ensures employers have access to the best apprentices.

As once quoted by one of the world’s most influential physicists Stephen Hawking,

“Disability need not be an obstacle to success.”


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