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How businesses employing apprentices are helping the nation avoid a skills shortage

Over the past decade, Australia has faced an ever-increasing shortage of skills across many industries and sectors. For 2017-18 the Australian Government Labour Market Analysis reported that over 95% of Technicians and Trade Worker occupations were experiencing a shortage in skills.  

 2017 saw a notable spike in job growth, and although there was no shortage of labour, the limited skills offered by candidates meant organisations began to face a serious shortage of skilled labour. This deficit of employees with the required skills puts pressure on business and impedes growth. In 2018 NAB reported that companies’ biggest constraint was labour – even over sales and demand. So how do we address this issue and support businesses and industries to flourish? We need to invest in apprenticeships for young people and develop a fresh pool of highly skilled talent.  

 How hiring an apprentice reduces skills shortage 

On a macro level, hiring an apprentice directly contributes reducing chronic labour shortages. It’s also an investment toward a sustainable future for your industry by guaranteeing its future skill requirements. Training your own apprentices begins to build a new cohort of highly skilled talent available to Australian employers. Not only does this begin to address the national labour shortage, it has huge benefits for your business too. 

Direct advantages of hiring an apprentice  

Producing skilled staff – training and development your way. This excels and maintains efficiency and output, meeting your business needs 

To nurture retention – by hiring and supporting apprentices, you are investing in a valuable asset for your company. Workers that are trained and mentored well are likely to maintain loyalty to the business, in turn avoiding high staff turnover 

Huge potential – young job seekers are enthusiastic, adaptable and eager to learn. They often have great ideas, fresh perspectives and strong technological aptitude. By supporting young people, you are investing in social futures

You have support – we work closely with employers to assess their business needs and we secure high quality candidates. We take care of the leg work and support you and your employee on the apprenticeship journey. 

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