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How Hiring an Apprentice Can Boost Your Business

Apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly popular way for young people to enter the workforce. The allure of learning a trade and gaining worthwhile experience while they earn a wage continues to be extremely attractive with 185,400 people employed as apprentices or trainees as part of the Australian Apprenticeship Scheme in 2017.

If you are considering hiring an apprentice for your business then you are probably wondering what kind of benefits it might bring. Having an apprentice working in your business can actually prove to be a wonderful asset and can even boost productivity.

Producing skilled staff

For one thing, you can provide training that demonstrates your way of doing the job. In doing so, you will have staff trained specifically the way you want them to operate from the get-go. This can improve efficiency. Young people entering the workforce tend to be enthusiastic and eager to learn.

Having a committed workforce

By providing mentorship for your apprentice, you will also develop loyal and motivated workers in your business. Today’s job market can be a big and scary place for young people who may have never worked before and may not have any skills beyond those they learned at school. Young people who are given an opportunity to forge a new and exciting career path are more likely to demonstrate gratitude and commitment to your organisation. This reduces the problem of high staff turnover.

Flexibility and learning potential

Our brains start to solidify by the age of 25, so young apprentices are still forming new neural pathways, making them more flexible and having greater neuroplasticity. This is a big advantage in training them to be skilled workers because they learn fast and are not yet set in their ways.

New perspective

Youth are in touch with current trends, are full of ideas and offer a fresh new perspective on your business operations. Young people have stronger technology skills than most adults so they’re useful to have around even if their job is not directly related to technology.


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