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Looking after Apprentices’ Mental Health

All employers and host organisations want to get the best out of their apprentices and trainees, and in order to work to the best of their abilities an apprentice needs to be at their best, in body and mind. By creating a ‘mentally healthy’ workplace and looking after apprentice well-being, you are not only looking after them, you are acting in the best interests of your business.

Research has shown when an organisation makes positive changes to encourage a healthy workplace they reap great rewards, with less sick days taken, increased productivity, engagement and staff satisfaction, and a happier and more committed workforce.

And with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues estimated to cost Australian businesses from $11 to $12 billion dollars each year, promoting mental well-being in your workplace is a sound investment.

Studies have shown an apprenticeship itself is good for the mental health of apprentices as they gain a supportive network of mentors and peers. By promoting the physical, economic, social, and mental well-being of workers you are creating a ‘mentally-healthy workspace’ and further benefiting apprentices and trainees. As a host organisation you influence the culture and tone of the workspace, and this can provide a unique opportunity to influence young hearts and minds. You can be a great resource for young workers.

Further, by promoting open communication and showing your apprentice you value them and the work they do, you will boost their confidence and this also contributes to looking after their mental welfare. This also ensures apprentices and trainees are happy to come to work and enjoy the time they spend there, an important factor in them performing at their best so you can make the most of their talent.

Apprentices who are healthy and happy in the workplace are primed to learn and will retain more information.

So, we know apprenticeships can benefit apprentices by providing support networks which improve their mental well-being, but it is also important to remember there is still a stigma surrounding mental health which means some young apprentices will be reluctant to have an honest conversation about their own mental health or any issues they are facing. It has also been reported that in the Trades sector there is under reporting of mental health issues, particularly in younger workers.

Smart Employment Solutions provide support for both hosts and apprentices. By providing quality training and education, and encouraging open conversation between you and your apprentices’, SES aims to look after apprentices’, you and your business and can help you maintain a healthy workspace.

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