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Set Yourself up to Earn Big Money with an Apprenticeship

What Benefits can an Apprenticeship Bring?

Apprenticeships offer a great opportunity to combine study and on the job training with the ability to earn an income. The possibility of growing this income only increases as you progress through your apprenticeship, giving you the opportunity to earn the big bucks once you’re qualified. Embarking on an apprenticeship in your chosen field is a great decision to ensure security for your future.

Australia has a long and proud history when it comes to apprenticeships for post school training. You can even start your apprenticeship while finishing school years 11 and 12. Apprenticeships can be school-based, full-time or part time, and are available for anyone who is of working age. It is also worth noting that apprenticeships can be undertaken for almost any occupation these days, not only traditional trades.

Currently, for every six tradespeople entering retirement, only three are stepping in to replace them. In traditional apprenticeship areas like construction (cabinet makers, stone masons, roof tilers, wall/floor tilers etc.) these shortages are not going unnoticed. Although this skills shortfall may sound like a negative, it represents amazing opportunities to create a great career, income and lifestyle.

Other Benefits

Earning great money isn’t the only positive benefit of completing an apprenticeship. Many apprentices will go on to manage building companies and contractors, as well as large crews of people. In addition, an apprenticeship offers excellent networking opportunities and a first-rate social and professional support structure. All these elements mean the potential rewards you’ll make are not only financial, but personally rewarding also.

Further still, once you have completed an apprenticeship, you will have in your hand a nationally recognised qualification which could take you to where ever it is you want to go in Australia and even opens up opportunities overseas.

If these potential benefits sound good to you, maybe it’s time to look into an apprenticeship. Call Smart Employment Solutions today on 13 30 24, so we can help you secure an awesome future.


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