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Trades: A Worthwhile Career

There is a widely held belief that getting a university education is an absolute must for school graduates. Esteemed professions such as medicine, law, accountancy and engineering all hold a very strong allure for well-meaning parents who want the very best for their kids’ future.

Parents commonly encourage their children to study hard at school so they can attend university and achieve career goals that are deemed appropriate or worthy. University is typically believed to be the best pathway to career success and security. But is it really? When it comes to employability, cost and earning potential, a trade can actually be a better choice than a uni degree for some graduates.

In some cases this option could actually be a greater reflection of the parents’ desire to uphold a particular reputation or family tradition, than the real desires and dreams of the graduate. Many young people feel pressured to follow a particular career pathway to satisfy their parents’ desires and wishes rather than following their own dreams.

Unfortunately when young people are studying something they’re not genuinely interested in, this will inevitably result in poor attendance, course failure and ultimately dropping out of the course altogether. All of which is a waste of valuable time and resources.

Some young people are simply better suited to becoming a carpenter, a plumber, an electrician or one of the numerous other trades that are available today. Having a trade can be a very worthwhile and satisfying career. They require high levels of skill and are suitably remunerated.

Apprentices are earning money immediately, while those attending university don’t start to make income for up to 6 or 7 years. Graduates commence their career journey with a very hefty HECS debt to pay back. This is yet another advantage to learning a trade.

It’s important that parents encourage their kids to follow the career path that they resonate most strongly with and do their best not to impose their own ideas and dreams onto them. Trades should be seen as a viable and worthwhile option and offered as an option to young people who are considering their future.

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