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Types of Apprenticeships: Automotive

Whether you’re just out of school and considering your next steps, or looking for a fresh career change, an apprenticeship can provide a great pathway. There are many types of apprenticeships – automotive apprenticeships provide one awesome option. In this post, we’re breaking down a few of the pathways for automotive apprenticeships.


This is a job that everyone knows – and they’re always needed! An automotive mechanic (light vehicle) primarily services and repairs parts of motor vehicles, such as the engine, transmission and suspension systems. They also work with cooling systems, fuel systems, ignition and electrical systems, among many other areas of the vehicle.

Mechanics also need customer service skills, in order to speak with clients about faults and repairs. And with today’s rapid changes in automotive technology, mechanics are becoming more specialised in their areas of work.


Automotive glazing involves the repair or replacement of windscreens, and side and rear glass in automotive vehicles. These tradespeople work in a workshop, or a mobile service unit.

Typically the work involves repairing laminated windscreens, removing damaged windscreens/ glass, removing moulds and trims and repairing/ replacing damaged windscreens/ glass, moulds/ trims/ window winding mechanisms. Installation of pre-cut glass is also required, in line with the vehicle manufacturer’s requirements.

They’re known as Automotive Vehicle Body Service-people.

Panel Beater

This is a job that involves repairing damage to metal, plastic and fibreglass bodywork on vehicles. It also involves using machines and hand tools to make and form vehicle panels.

Panel Beaters determine damage and recommend repairs. They remove damaged panels, fix dents, straighten and realign chassis and body frames, and cut and join replacement panels. They also fill depressions and grind and sand repaired surfaces. This job, like the others, involves daily use of different types of tools.

Spray Painter

Known as an Automotive Vehicle Body Tradesperson, this job involves such things as removing rough spots on vehicle panels, sanding surfaces and carrying out masking procedures, colour matching and mixing paints. The job is completed with applying primer and finishing coats, then polishing and waxing the finished work.

This is a job where you can really stand back and admire the finished product of your handiwork!


If you’re considering different types of apprenticeships, automotive apprenticeships offer a number of possible pathways. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your skills and desires and we’ll help with your next steps.


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